10 Effective Home Remedies For Cancer

Cancer is one of the crippling disease that contributes to the mortality rate in the world.Abnormal cells can grow and spread uncontrollably, affecting a certain part or organ of the body and disrupt its function leading to organ failures. It spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and alter all the healthy cells. Effective home remedies for cancer can be helpful to prevent this metastasis or spreading.

There are different types of cancer and categorized into different stages of morbidity. Causes of cancer are traced from virus, genetic composition or heredity, exposure to carcinogens and radiations and nutritional deficiency and prevailing lifestyle.

Chemotherapy or radiotherapyare often used but their effectiveness are still under debate. Cancer home remedies can be useful upon diagnoses to revert and prevent degradation of the affected tissues before it gets worse. Natural home remedies for cancer are also inexpensive and conventional way of treating this degenerative disease and prevent complications.

10 Effective Home Remedies For Cancer

1. Juice

Cancer Fighting Juice

The effective way to get the most out of superfoods is ingesting it in the form of juice. Carrots is a highly acclaimed herb for treatment of cancer because of its ample antioxidant contents like carotenoid, flavonoid and falcarinol that prevents abnormal growth of cells and protects it from damaging free radicals.

Juice 2.5 kg of carrots and take a glass in the morning and finish the rest throughout the day. Alternatively, 2-3 glasses of black carrot can also be used. Daily intake for several weeks can stupor the growth and prevent it from spreading. Carrot juice is also works as the best preventive measure against cancer.

2. Proper Nutrition

Most carcinogens can come from the food and improper preparation. It is advised that one should cut down on consumption of fat and load more fruit and vegetables in the daily diet. The nutrients packed in these superfoods are beneficial in treatment and recovery from cancer. Foods rich in antioxidant such as whole grains have the ability to block further damage caused by free radicals.

Fried, cured, and smoked foods should be avoided. Instead, boil, bake or broil. Roasted foods can be balanced by using fresh sprigs of rosemary that can reduce the carcinogens.

3. Harmful toxins and Free Radicals

Harmful toxins and free radicals in the body can be eliminated by cleansing and detoxifying. Most kitchen staples like ginger, garlic, barley and citrus are effective home remedies for cancer. It can be obtained from most citrus fruits, ginger, garlic and fiber-rich foods.

Fermented dandelion and citrus are powerful detoxifying agents that can be used in various diseases including cancer. To make a bottle, combine 8 cups of boiling water, 2 cups dandelion, 1.5 pounds honey, and cubed lemon and oranges without juices. Store in a dark place for 3 weeks, stirring every 2-3 days. Strain, cork, and age for 9 months.

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4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D Levels

The National Cancer Institute recognized the ability of Vitamin D in slowing down and reduction of cancer mortality. It contains calcitriol that is responsible for maintaining the functions of the body organs. It was understood that it can be obtained from sunlight exposure, but there are also foods that contain vitamin D needed to supplement the daily requirement.

Egg yolk, milk, yogurt, quail eggs, bee pollen and sweet potato contains ample amount of vitamin D. This however, should be consumed in moderation to avoid any chemical reaction.

5. Build up the immune system

Changing unhealthy lifestyle and being more positive in life is important in building up the immune system to give the body a boost in combating the disease.

Daily exercise, adequate sleep, and giving up on alcohol and smoking can revert and help give a positive outlook in life. Socializing can also help trigger the happy hormones while providing the patient the support that it need in this trying times.

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