10 Best Home Remedies To Stop An Itchy Beard

New styles keep coming and going. But a man’s beard never goes out of style. For a man, his beard is like his pride. Many men prefer to grow a beard as a mark of respect to their manhood and to look more mature. And with the current trend of ‘No Shave November,’ the beard has become a constant style statement for men. All the men are joining the bandwagon of letting the hair grow on their faces and enhance their look.

It seems easy to grow a beard, isn’t it? There is no effort at all. The only thing you do is that you don’t shave. But after a few weeks of growing a beard, men realize that they are facing an issue called itchy beard. An itchy beard might not be a big problem, but yes, it is bound to be very irritating if not taken care properly.

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Why Is My Beard Itchy?

The skin below the beard becomes dry after a few weeks of growing a beard if not moisturized properly. The dead skin cells are not washed properly and they take shelter in the beard. This starts causing itching in the beard. However, it is a small skin problem, which can be treated. There are some amazing home remedies for itchy beard. These natural ingredients show signs of improvement soon and provide relief from itching. Let us see how.

How To Stop Itchy Beard?

Itchy beard can be easily treated at home. Just make sure to follow these steps:

1. Keep Your Beard Clean

how to stop itchy beard

Just like maintaining other body parts, even a beard requires proper cleansing, moisturizing and maintenance. This is to promote cleanliness and hygiene. The dead skin cells produced by the skin find no way to escape as they get stuck up in the beard and cause itching for a few weeks. The best way to stop an itchy beard is to keep the beard clean regularly.

There can be no better home remedy for itchy skin than this. Take the help of herbal beard shampoo or any mild shampoo to wash your beard and remove the dead skin cells from the surface. This will avoid itching.

2. Use A Conditioner

After washing the beard, massage it gently with a beard conditioner. Use a natural beard conditioner. If not natural, use a mild product. They prevent the beard hair from tangling and thus do not create knots. The conditioner provides protective layers to each hair separately. A natural and herbal conditioner is preferred because a regular conditioner contains chemicals that may cause further itching of the skin or damage the beard hair.

3. Moisturize The Beard

Just the way you moisturize your body with a lotion, your beard needs to be moisturized too. The basic reason behind an itchy beard is dry skin. The dry skin under the beard seems to be out of reach and hence men don’t pay attention to the needs of the dry skin underneath. It is essential to nourish the skin under the beard too. This is another natural remedy for itchy skin. After washing your beard, gently massage it with a moisturizer for a few minutes. This will eliminate the dryness of the skin and the itchiness. Always moisturize twice a day with a considerable amount of moisturizer.

4. Keep It Dry

Keeping the beard dry is another home remedy for itchy beard. After moisturizing or conditioning the beard, dry them with a soft towel. The wet nature also causes itching in the beard sometimes.

5. Trim It If You Cannot Handle It

No matter how much you love a long beard, it becomes hard to maintain at some point of time. The itching becomes a daily routine. To get rid of it, keep trimming the beard regularly. It will not only stop itching and irritation but also remove the split ends from your beard.

6. Apply Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil for itchy beardMoroccan Argan oil one of the best ways to stop itchy beard. It is known to provide nourishment and softness to facial hair. It not only enhances the softness of your beard but also stops the itching and irritation.

Take some Moroccan argan hair oil in your palms and massage it gently on your beard in an upward-downward direction. Massage it at night and wash it during the day. You can also apply it during the day as per your wish. Avoid making your beard too sticky with the oil. You will see excellent improvement and the itching will stop.

7. Use Neem Oil

Neem has always been a kind of ‘official medicine’ for the Indians since times immemorial. It contains many medicinal properties that cure skin problems and irritation. So, it is a solution to an itchy beard as well. It is one of the best home remedies for the itchy beard. Take the correct amount of neem oil and rub it on your beard. Apply it evenly on both sides and make sure to leave it overnight to see surprising results.

8. Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is best known for its antibacterial properties and thus destroys bacterial infections. This makes it the best home remedies for itchy skin. Tea tree oil prevents inflammation and irritation of the skin and is very safe to use. But there are some exceptions. It may cause allergy to some men. So, it is recommended first to use a little amount for trial and continue its use if you are not allergic to it.

9. Goldenseal Root Oil

Goldenseal root oil can kill microorganisms and all the bacteria that are associated with the ingrown hair. Thus it wipes away all the possibilities of itchiness or irritation in the beard and keeps the skin beneath your beard healthy and free from infections. The substance named berberine is responsible for killing all the microbes and protecting your skin from itching.

10. Oregon Grape Oil

Oregon Grape OilOregon root oil is extracted from the roots and bark of the Oregon grape. It contains Mahoniaaquifolium which is already being used widely to treat skin infections, skin inflammation, acne, itching of the skin and more. So, it is advised to use the Oregon grape oil for the itchy beard.

Follow these simple tips and get rid of that itchy beard once and for all.

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