How To Tell If You Are Pregnant Without A Pregnancy Test?

In the olden days, not every woman had the liberty to go to big hospitals to check if they have become pregnant. This is where the home pregnancy tests were introduced. Keeping this in mind, it can be told that some of the tests work effectively. It is a common confusion in every woman regarding pregnancy, particularly after a missed period. This dilemma is caused by either irregular period or untimely ovulation or imbalances in the hormonal system of the body.

The factors that inspire untimely ovulation include Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome where female reproductive hormone levels go out of order, hypothalamic dysfunction, ovarian insufficiency or prolactin secretion in an excess amount. This is exactly when a common question arises in most women’s mind — how to tell if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test or consulting a doctor? Is there really a way to find this out at home?

How To Tell If You Are Pregnant Without A Pregnancy Test?

Besides home pregnancy tests that offer the convenience of making you know if you are pregnant or not without taking a test or stepping out to a hospital, there are also other ways to find out about your pregnancy. Let’s unveil them one by one.

1. Changes In The Mood For No Reasons

how to tell if you are pregnant without a pregnancy testMood is something that is hard to have control upon- that’s for sure. But if you are losing temper generally because of all sorts of petty reasons, it is probably due to the manipulation of the pregnancy hormones in your body.

The hormones affect the central nervous system that causes the chemical transmitters in our body to act differently which cause abrupt changes in our emotional state of mind– you might feel happy for one moment, sad at the next moment, and depressed or over-emotional at other times. So, frequent mood changes without any cause can be a good indicator of pregnancy.

2. You Will Start To React Oddly To Some Foods

Estrogen, the female hormone can cause a lot of significant changes in the female body– making her react oddly to food items that she might have previously found delectable and could even make her greedy for food at strange times during the day. For other affects, there could be a strange reaction to the odor of foods (even with the healthiest foods) and perfumes. So, if you are having some or all of these symptoms, there could be good chances that you are pregnant.

3. No Period

If there is a mismatch in the regular period routine, you might consult your doctor as there are really good signs that you are pregnant. Although it is not the most precise test at all, you should consult your doctor at least. The absence of a period for a long time than the usual might indicate other complications that might be hiding in your body.

4. You Will Begin To Urinate In Excess

Another answer to the question- how to tell if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test, is your urine. If there is an increase in the flow of water in the body, you would be urinating too much, maybe even once every half an hour and that is a good sign of you being pregnant. The hormones cause the kidney to have an increased blood flow through them, and the urinary bladder gets out of control, and that’s why there is the urge to urinate.

5. An Acute Back Pain Is A Serious Sign Of Pregnancy

how to tell if your pregnant without a pregnancy testPregnancy can be indicated by acute back pain similar to the one pre and post periods, especially in the sacroiliac joint. There are several factors inspiring back-pain. Pregnancy would imply an increase in weight which means our spine has to support those extra kilos that it is not accustomed to and the uterus also puts up a lot of force on the vessels and pelvis joints which cause real pain.

Change in posture due to the increased weight may take some time for our body to adapt. This can cause stress and strain in our spine too. Also, as told before, hormones could play a part too. Relaxing loosens the joints to make the body ready for delivery that can cause imbalance and pain in the backside.

As the body prepares for delivery, there are changes in the muscle structure, for example, the rectal abdominis muscle develops separation which obviously causes serious pain. So, back pain can be a real sign of pregnancy. But there are good remedies to cure this pain like doing yoga or regular exercise by consulting your doctor or a physiotherapist. Care should be taken to maintain proper posture during sleeping and walking especially. And acupuncture could provide heavy relief too.

6. The Toothpaste Experiment

Another small experiment with your urine. The first sample of the day is added to some white paste, and if there is color change or accumulation of froth, there are chances of pregnancy.

7. Bleaching

If foam eruption occurs on adding bleaching powder to your first sample of urine, chances are that you could be pregnant.

8. Vomiting Sensation

ways to know your pregnant without a pregnancy testIt is one of the easiest indicators of pregnancy, as during the initial stages of pregnancy one develops the vomiting habit a lot due to hormonal activities in the body.

You need to know that every time you get the vomiting sensation, it does not mean that you might be getting pregnant. Therefore, this indication cannot be completely relied upon, if you wish to check whether you are pregnant or not.

9. Mustard Powder

It is said that mustard powder causes periods. So, if you have irregular periods, you should take a bath with mustard powder mixed with your water and then take a shower. If you get periods just a day or two afterward then the chances are that you are not pregnant, but otherwise, it could be news that you are hoping for!

10. Still Unsure? Take A Urine Test At Home

You should collect your urine preferably in a bottle and leave it undisturbed for about 4 hours. If there is a development of white film on its surface, it might imply pregnancy. Make sure to get the first urine that you pass in the morning, as they would contain the HCG hormones, which is mainly used as the marker in most of the pregnancy tests.

So get going!

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